First, Second and Third Place awards will be given in each category unless the caliber of the entries is judged to be unimpressive, in which case, two, one, or no award will be given in that category. This flexibility ensures the integrity of this competition. If more than three sites receive high rankings, additional awards might be granted such as Honorable Mention.

Winners will receive a certificate and a modest cash prize, which will be presented at the contest session at the AEJMC annual conference in August. The amount of the prizes will be determined by the number of winners and by the funds available to the divisions. In the absence of funds, no cash prizes will be awarded. In the event that a representative of a winning entry cannot attend, these items will be delivered by mail to the submitter.

Award of Excellence
After winners in each category have been determined, the judges will be asked to select a site for the overall Award of Excellence. The chairs will send a list of the First Place sites in each category to all the judges, who will then participate in this decision.

Judges are instructed to recuse themselves if they have any conflict of interest in this part of the process. Judges are permitted to choose no site for this award if they do not feel any single site stands out from the rest.

If there is no consensus among the judges, the chairs may select a site to receive the Award of Excellence or may choose not to give the award.

The Second Place site in the category from which the Award of Excellence is selected will become the First Place site in that category. If there is no Second Place award in that category, no award will be given for that category. If there is a Third Place or Honorable Mention award in that category, it will become the Second Place award; if not, the chairs will have the option to reconsider whether to award Second Place to one of the remaining entries in that category.

Awards will be presented at the AEJMC annual conference in August. If the submitter of a winning site cannot be present at the convention, that person must make arrangements for the site to be presented there. Travel expenses are NOT paid. AEJMC membership is required for anyone attending the conference.