The purpose of this competition is to recognize and celebrate the innovative use of design and technology in the presentation of content in digital form. The judges are asked to look for:

  • The way that content is organized and presented
  • Visual appeal
  • Ease of navigation
  • Innovative and appropriate use of technology.

The quality of the content itself is of value but is not the only or primary consideration. However design, presentation and technology that is appropriate to the type of content IS a primary consideration.

Entries must advance education or research in journalism and/or mass communication. Entries unrelated to this field will NOT be accepted. Sites or apps of a commercial nature will not be accepted.

The Judging Procedure
A panel of judges will be assigned to each category. The sites will be evaluated on the basis of a number of criteria relating to both visual presentation and the use of technology, including effective and appropriate design, efficient coding, clarity of presentation, accessibility, informational value of content, and functionality.

When all judging results are submitted, the chairs will compile the judges’ ratings in order to determine award winners in each category. The chairs may use the judges’ comments and their own discretion in deciding awards. The chairs’ decisions are final.