The only qualified entrants for this competition are faculty and students who work for or attend an institution that is accredited by ACEJMC, or are current (paid) individual members of AEJMC. University and college staff are not eligible.

Competition winners are required to attend the ‘Best of Web / Digital’ presentation at the AEJMC conference in San Francisco in August of 2020.

All entries must advance education or research in journalism and/or mass communication. Entries unrelated to this field will not be accepted. Sites or apps of a commercial nature will not be accepted.

The entrant(s) must be the person(s) who designed and primarily built the site or app, or who supervised students in the design and building of the site or app.

All entries must be primarily designed and created by the entrant(s) and not by paid consultants or professional designers or through the use of pre-designed templates. An important component of this competition is the thought and execution in the presentation of content, not just the content itself.

Entries must fit into one of the categories. The entrant(s) must choose the appropriate category for the site or app submitted. A site or app may be submitted only once per year and in only one category. An entrant may enter more than one site or app in a single year.

Eligible entries must be created between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Entries that have been previously entered in this competition are no longer eligible.

Entries that do not fit the above criteria will be eliminated from the competition by the chairs.